Only 2 weeks left!

You can do it, I know you can. Seniors, I’m sure you’re anxious to graduate and move on to your next endeavors. Juniors, I’m sure you’re ready to be the head honchos on campus. Sophomores, I know you’re excited to be out of those dorms! And freshmen, soon you will no longer be freshmen. That alone is enough to celebrate.

One week of class, one week of finals. You’re almost there!

If you haven’t created a resume, YOU NEED TO. Employers won’t hire you based on your word that you have the experience they’re asking for. They need to see you on paper before they’ll take the time to meet you in person. So come in and see us; I promise it’s not painful! :]

Hang in there, AU! It’s just around the bend… (cue Pocahontas music)


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