Wednesday, Wednesday

Yes, I will post every day this week about it being the last week of classes.

It’s the last Wednesday of classes! I had a final this afternoon. I have no idea how it went because it’s difficult to judge and I have a headache, but I’m hoping I did okay.

Interest meetings for social clubs were last night. Did you go? There’s more tomorrow. You should go. Look at all of them; find one that’s a good fit for you. Become involved. They’re awesome ways to become close and do events with a group of people on campus that share your interests. Make those lifelong friends through brotherhood or sisterhood.

SPRING BASH is tonight, 4-8, in the Smith/Martin courtyard. Come hang out and be a part of the festivities. That’s in 20 minutes, people. Be there.

There’s also a concert tomorrow in the Fair Commons lobby. IT’S FREE. You should go check it out.

Oh, and it’s hump day. The week is more than halfway over. Hurrah!


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