Welcome Back!

Well hello, AU. Welcome back to another school year. I know, I know, the first day was actually yesterday. But in my hurry to get back into the swing of things I overlooked this little blog of mine. Besides, it’s still the first week. I’m hardly tardy.

I hope you’re enjoying spending time with your friends, and I hope your course load isn’t too stressful. I know mine is going to be difficult, but I think it’ll be okay in the end.

Don’t forget that the CDC is here for you. If you’re a freshman, welcome! We’re pleased to have you join our little family here in Anderson, IN. Feel free to utilize our resources here to help you decide what career interests you, and which majors will get you there. We have a staff of three advisers who will help you along the journey of picking a major, developing resumes, and preparing for job/internship interviews. You can access our website at http://www.anderson.edu/career.

All other students, welcome back! We’re still here for you, too. Our office hours haven’t changed: we’re still open from8am-7pm on Mondays and 8am-5pm Tuesday-Friday. Call, email or drop by to make an appointment!

Juniors and Seniors majoring in Accounting and Finance: Have you registered for Accounting Interview Day yet? The last day to register is Sept. 7. This is a day for you to interview with some of the firms you would like to be employed by after graduation. Don’t wait to sign up! IT’S FREE!

That’s all for today. Remember that Raven CareerLink is the place to go for all your Career goal needs outside the office (www.anderson.edu/ravencareerlink).

See you around campus!


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