It’s only Tuesday??

Yes. Yes it is. Only Tuesday.

But guess what? It’s RUSH week! If you’re RUSHing a club this year, you get to look silly for the next three days. Woo hoo! But it’ll be super. You’ll come out of the week feeling accomplished and integrated into a new group of friends. That’s what’s so great about it.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Down to business.

Accounting Interview Day is fast approaching. If you have registered for the career fair, you should already have submitted your résumé and desired employers with whom you wish to interview. Sometime this week or next, you need to come in to meet with Maryann about last minute preparations for your interviews. Make an appointment today!

Alright, friends, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. I hope you’re not too bogged down by homework and papers and projects. This should be a good year. See you around campus. Say hi! :]


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