Well guys, it is once again Friday and the weekend is drawing near. This weekend is particularly exciting. It’s Homecoming, AU! Tomorrow will be full of street fair and football events. Orange and black everywhere you look, food and drinks for sale, and so much more. Come out and have some fun!

Tonight is also Cheap Thrills. Come watch the Dativus boys make fools of themselves while putting on a show in Reardon. Tomorrow night is 80s Encore – sure to be a good time!

Okay, now for business. Today marks the beginning of October, and everything school related is in full swing. No more getting ready or figuring things out. There’s no excuse for getting lost on your way to class. Unless it’s in Decker. And then that’s always a good excuse.

Career Fairs! There are a number of them coming up.

SandRidge Energy will be on campus Tuesday and Wednesday to recruit all you students. They will be in the conference room on the second floor of Hardacre both days.

November 3rd is HealthCare Career Day. The event will take place from 10:30 to 2:00. A number of companies will be setting up in Reardon Lobby to provide information to prospective employees (you).

November 10th is Technology Career Day. This event will take place from 9:00 to 3:00, also in Reardon Lobby.

Alright kids, that’s it for me today. Be sure to enjoy the festivities! Cheap Thrills, Encore, and the street fair! Have a lovely weekend :]


2 Responses to “HOMECOMING!!! :D”

  1. Tiffiany Says:

    HI there!
    Please find us on facebook by searching Anderson RelyLocal. We are trying to re-connect small businesses in Anderson, Pendleton, and Alexandria and we need help! I would love to have a job fair at the university. Please tell me who I need to speak to about this!
    Thank you!

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