It’s been over a week…

and I apologize for not keeping up. The office has become busier in the last week, and my life has followed suit. I promise to try to stay more consistent from here on out.

It’s Wednesday! And today that’s double the fun. Not only is it hump day, but Fall Break is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the last day of classes before a long weekend. Where is everyone going? I’m heading to Ohio per my usual routine, but I’m actually leaving tonight. Yay for extra time away from campus :]

Okay, let’s get down to business. But not to defeat the Huns. I doubt I could make men out of any of you, not being a man myself. So. Here’s what’s happening in the Career Development arena:

The calendar is filling up fast. If you need to get in to meet with an adviser, contact our office as soon as possible. Right now, the earliest we can schedule you is a week and a half out. So if you know you need to discuss classes or have your résumé looked over, get an appointment now.

Camp Timberline will be recruiting on campus October 20th. That’s next Wednesday. They will have a table in the BOD from 10am to 2pm.

Ricker’s is hosting a job fair on October 15th. That’s Friday. It will be at their corporate office in Anderson, from 10am to 3pm. See the flier in the BOD or contact our office for more information.

OneAmerica, Inc. will be hosting an open house on October 26th. That’s a Tuesday, two weeks from yesterday. It will be at the Tower Cafeteria at OneAmerican Square. Pizza and soft drinks will be served. To RSVP, email your résumé to Jane Sobczak ( by October 22nd.

There is a job opportunity luncheon for students interested in working with State Farm. The date and time is not set; contact Carol Whetsel at 765-641-4358 to be put on a list to be notified when the luncheon is arranged.

Alright kids, I think that’s it for today. That’s it for October’s to-do list anyway. November is bringing with it another slew of exciting events. I’m sure I’ll touch on those next week after we get back.

Have a wonderful break, AU!


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