Monday? Already?

Yes, unfortunately the weekend has come to a close. I hope everyone had a good Fall Break. I know it was only one extra day (or two if you skipped, like me!), but that can really help in the middle of the semester.

November is fast approaching! It’s already October 18th. How crazy is that? After this week, the semester will be halfway through. You know what that means. Midterms are coming up! Are you ready? If you’re in a social club or other group that requires a minimum GPA, make sure you do well. Administration is watching carefully this year to make sure students are keeping up with their school work.

Are you planning on getting a job or internship over Christmas break? If so, come on in to the Career Development Center. We’ll help you build your résumé, or look over it if you already have one. We’ll help you prepare for your interview and know how to present yourself in the best light to potential employers.

Not looking for a job or internship right now, but planning on getting one for the summer? You should come see us too! We’ll help you get a good head start on your preparation. And some companies want you to apply this semester for an internship in the summer. Come check out what opportunities are available!

That’s all for today. For information on upcoming career fairs or on-campus recruiting days, contact us for more information via email,, or phone, 765-641-4196. Or visit any of the following places:

our homepage –

Raven CareerLink –

our office – Decker 213 (at the top of the middle staircase)

Enjoy your week, AU! :]


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