Well, this is different.

Hi all! It’s Thursday. I don’t generally work Thursdays, so this is a treat!

How are you all doing? This week marks the halfway point in the semester – once you finish tomorrow, you’ve completed eight weeks and only have eight more to go. You can so do this!

We’re starting something new in the Career Development Center. Freshmen and Sophomores without majors that are coming to see us for the first time, you will have your first meeting in a workshop session. Your follow-ups sessions will then all be one-on-one.

Freshmen and Sophomores with majors, Judy Johnson is back! She’s been out on sick leave for a bit, but now she is healthy and back in the office. This means you’ll actually get to meet with your adviser for career guidance. Awesome.

Juniors and Seniors, I hope you have a major. Otherwise, you’ll be here for awhile. I also hope you’re thinking about job and internship opportunities that will give you experience before venturing out into the real world. Come in to the office to get help with résumés and talk with us about being prepared for interviews.

Camp Timberline was recruiting yesterday. Did you stop by their table in the BOD? I hope you’re taking advantage of these opportunities right here on campus. There are a number of career fairs and recruiting days scheduled that you should check out! For more information on these, visit our website or Raven CareerLink.

Have a lovely weekend, AU! You’re all grand :]


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