Yea Yea!

What’s up, Friday :]

I’m drinking chai this morning while I sit at my desk in the warm Career Development Center. It’s rather lovely, knowing that outside the world is frigid.

HealthCare Career Day went so well on Wednesday! Thanks to all the employers and students who came and made the event a success! Coming up is another one…

Technology Career Day is just around the corner. November 10th to be exact. That’s next Wednesday. So put it on your calendar and plan to attend. Meet professionals from your field of study that can give you good information on how to prepare for your career and what kind of experience you need. They can also serve as useful contacts when you get ready to graduate and actually start looking for a job. So come!

Freshmen and Sophomores: Major Exploration Workshops have been launched! So register on Raven CareerLink and sign up for one today. Where else can you make your own appointment? No where.

That’s it kids. The weekend is upon us and I’m so jazzed. It’s supposed to snow tonight, so my roommate’s excited about that. Thanksgiving’s on its way too! Look at how many good things there are :] Okay. Bye!


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