It’s the weekend once more! Tonight is Candles and Carols. You should go. It’s also Christmas at the Zoo this weekend. Next Friday is the final Cheap Thrills for the semester, followed by a rave put on by Dux. Then Soundtrack Encore on Saturday! Events abound. Take part, AU.

Applying for a job? Then you need to watch Kyle Lacy’s presentation on how to make the best impression possible. He talks about being your own brand and telling a story rather than relying on your résumé to get you the job or internship. Because that’s not good enough anymore!

Find his presentation on Raven CareerLink. The “How to Network Video” under Short Cuts on the right of your homepage. Watch it.

Personal Finance 101 – Breakfast

Dec. 9th – Time 7:00 am – Dr. Jerry Fox from the Falls School of Business will lead a discussion on “Personal Finance 101”. This event is free to attend, and is for EVERYONE. When registering, choose “INVOICE” as your method of payment to not be charged a fee.  Bring your business cards and your “Raven Spirit!”  Register at –

That’s all for today, kids! Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stay warm!


Following this pay period you have $334.70 remaining in your account. Please plan your hours accordingly.
Thank you.e



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