It has finally come.

Well happy Friday, AU! You know what today is, don’t you? The last day of classes for the Fall 2010 semester. I woke up to a thin layer of fresh snow on the ground. The WordPress homepage has snow flakes falling. And the faculty is caroling around the middle staircase in Decker again. Christmas is just around the corner. The only thing standing between you and a month off? Finals week. Not a huge deal for some. Terrifying for many. Personally I just hope to survive. Why is the junior year always the hardest? But it’s okay. We’ll get through it together.

Because it’s the last day of classes and regular schedules, I don’t really have anything to announce for the department. So I’ll remind you of the weekend activities and that’ll be it.

Tonight is Cheap Thrills and the Dux Rave.

Tomorrow is Soundtrack Encore.

Sunday is cram for exam day.

I just made that last one up, but you know it’s true.

Try to stay warm today guys! And try to enjoy yourselves this weekend. Finals are important, but stress is overrated. Look at me talk :]


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