Anyone else feel like the semester JUST started?

I mean that today feels like the first day. Even though it’s actually the second week. Nobody else? Okay well I do. Maybe it’s because I started my internship today. Or because last week was only three days and then we had a three-day weekend. Regardless, it’s weird.

Okay. Business.

Experience Mission was recruiting in the BOD today; did anybody go see them? Maybe get some information on a promising internship?

Camp Good News will be in the BOD on Thursday, from 10 – 2, so you should definitely check them out too.

Next week is the Missions Fair, also in the BOD, on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 – 3. It’s a busy place!

Upcoming February events: Springhill Camps will be on campus, the Collegiate Career Expo is taking place in Indy and Inner City Impact will be on campus. Dates and times are on Raven CareerLink!

I hope you guys are taking advantage of these opportunities!

In other news, it’s raining here in an Indiana January. Makes me feel at home, but I know you all don’t care for it too much. Don’t worry. It’s the midwest. Just wait a bit and it’ll change again. See you around, AU!


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