8:00 is sooooo early…

Well, Thursday is here. I feel like the week has dragged on and flown by, all at the same time. Not sure how that’s possible, but it happens sometimes. I hope all of you have had good weeks so far. Have you been going to evening chapel? I heard some people don’t like Dan. I do. But I’m biased, I suppose. Being from California, not too far from Santa Cruz. Plus he kinda looks like my cousin. Weird. Anyway.

January is winding down now. Who went to the Missions Fair this week? Did you make any good connections for possible jobs or internships this summer or next year sometime? We only have one more event this month:

January 31st, Monday, International Schools of China will be recruiting in the BOD from 9-3. You can learn more about their organization and how you can get involved by going to their website, http://www.ldichina.com/schools/.

Next month we have Springhill Camps and Inner City Impact coming to campus, so be looking for them.

Also, don’t forget the other services that are always available through our office.

If you need a major, or need help deciding what to do with your major, we have Major Exploration Workshops.

If you need a résumé, we have Résumé Workshops.

If you need help finding a job or internship, are curious about INvision AU, need your résumé edited, or want help with any other aspect of the career search process, make an appointment to come see us. 765.641.4196 or career@anderson.edu/.

As for this weekend, Lil’ Sibs will be here! Unfortunately Cheap Thrills has been canceled, but all other events are still on. So take your lil’ sib, or borrow somebody else’s, and go have some fun. Free movie at Mounds, dining deals, Skate Night, Encore, basketball games, all kinds of things! Have a fantastic weekend, guys :]


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