Last day of February!

Happy Monday! Can those two words go together? Sure, why not. We’ll just pretend. Welp, tomorrow is March. Which means two weeks until Spring Break ’11! Can’t. Wait. Do you have any fantastic plans for the week off? Going anywhere special? I’ll be in Florida. Getting a tan. Yes.

Did you enjoy the thunderstorm last night? I loved it. Made me feel like I was back home. We don’t have snow and Icepocalypses and whatnot where I come from. We have rain and thunder and lightening. And fog. Love it.

Speaking of last night, the Oscars were on. Are you an Academy Awards fan? I am, but I didn’t get to watch them because L’ami thought it would be cool to have an extended officer meeting from 8-10. Oh ok. It’s alright though, I’m working on being over it… I’ll just have to catch the highlights online.

Who went to the Collegiate Career Expo last week? There were tons of employers there, from all different industries. I hope you took advantage of that opportunity. Did you make any promising contacts? If you didn’t get a chance to go, you should still contact the employers who were there that you were interested in meeting with. Tell them you couldn’t make it, and send them your résumé for review. You never know, they could be looking for someone with your qualifications.

This Wednesday the Chicago Center will be recruiting on campus. They will have representatives in the BOD from 9 – 2. They have a variety of summer internships available for students of all majors. Check them out at

Teacher Candidate Interview Day is April 20. I’ll have more information for you, including how to register, as we get closer to go time.

That’s all the news I have for you. For those of you who were chosen to be RAs next year, congratulations! If you weren’t selected, I’m sorry. I know it’s a bummer. But I promise your life will not end. Mine didn’t.

Have a great week, AU! Stay dry out there. It’s a tad damp on the ground.


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