I’m a slight bit excited.

Where are you going for break? Who are you going with? Are you packed yet??? Okay it might still be too soon. But I’ve made my packing list and I’m ready to throw it all in a bag and jump in the car. Florida, here I come.

But we do have a few more days to get through before we’re set loose. In these next few days I don’t really have any career updates for you. No on-campus recruiting days, no job fairs, no nothing. So I guess I’ll go with the general spiel (which I tried to spell “schpeel” and the computer yelled at me).

If you have not decided on a major, sign up for a Major Exploration Workshop. We can help you figure out what career path best suits your interests and strengths, and what major will get you there.

If you do have a major but are not sure what career path you want to pursue, we can help you determine your options and see what industries interest you.

If you need résumé, cover letter, job/internship help, we have résumé workshops and builders, job/internship postings and other resources to get you prepared for “the real world.”

All these resources, as well as any news on upcoming events, can be found on Raven CareerLink (www.anderson.edu/ravencareerlink).

That’s all I have for you this week. But I am curious, what did you think of chapel this morning? If you missed it, well then you missed out. On… something. I mean, I liked it. He was like the old grandpa you visit in the nursing home and laugh at his stories of when he was a wee lad and sang campfire songs. And then you get to leave and go home and be happy you don’t live there with him.

But really, I liked hearing about what EDGE was doing. Even if his acronym did spell EDGD. Sounds like an organization I might want to get involved in.

Okay kids, enjoy the rest of your week! You can totally make it to Friday. I just know it :]


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