Just another manic Monday

Well, hello, AU. Career-wise I don’t have much to update. The year is winding down and so are the events. But here’s what I do have:

The only job fair left is TCID, and I don’t have any more information than what I gave you last week. Feel free to refer back to that post if you need a refresher.
As usual, register on Raven CareerLink to have access to all job and internships availabilities we post through our office.
Also, don’t forget that we have Résumé Workshops, Education Résumé Workshops, Major Exploration Workshops and résumé reviews for anyone who needs them.
The INvision grant is also still available for anyone doing an internship with an Indiana-based company. Come see us if you have any questions!

In other news, this is quite the week for social clubs – ELECTIONS! Unless you’re Novus Dux. And then you’ve already had elections. Even though you still don’t know if you’ll be a club next year.

Also, it is quite chilly outside. I was perfectly content with the 60 degree weather we were experimenting with only a week ago. This 40 degree stuff has got to go. It is spring. Get it together, Indiana.

Have a good week, all! And remember, only 25 days until Easter Break!! :D


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