March Madness? It’s April.

How many of you are following March Madness? Many of my friends are, so much so that at our Olive Garden outing for club this weekend their phones were going off with score updates. Obsessed. But tonight’s the night! Is Butler going to continue it’s reign? Probably.

Career info is running low at this point, as you well know if you’ve been keeping up with it each week. Major Exploration Workshops are no longer being offered this semester, but the rest of our services are still in full effect. TCID is coming up in a couple weeks, so be sure you get registered for that.

Otherwise, this coming weekend is Relay for Life and the following week is TFT. Get involved with Relay because it’s important. I think all of us have been impacted by cancer in some way – either we’ve had it, a loved one has had it, or we’ve known someone who has had it. Be a part of finding the cure.

TFT, for those of you who don’t know, is a week-long event hosted by Novus Dux. Originally it was Teetering for Tots, but now the money is donated to a charity that is determined each year and the name just became TFT. Teetering for Thecharities maybe? Definitely just made that up… This year the funds will go to Exodus House. Each day there will be a different activity out at the TFT tent, including Game Show on Thursday put on by L’Amifidel and a Rave on Friday that will feature a one-time resurrection of The Flop. And of course 24-hour teetering. So come!

That’s all. Don’t get blown around outside while walking to class today. It’s quite stormy. But I do so like the rain. And the fact that it’s not 30 degrees anymore. A few hours ago Decker shook from some massive thunder and lightning going on. Crazy, but kinda cool. Have a good week, AU! :]


2 Responses to “March Madness? It’s April.”

  1. A.Rose Says:

    I love hearing such a unique voice from Career Services!!! Somehow you make finding a job (not something I’m excited about… let me tell you) sound fun! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. A.Rose Says:

    p.s. of course Butler’s going to win! (1) They’re at the top of my revised bracket and (2) you ALWAYS root for the “underdog”

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