Welcome Back, AU!

Hi, friends! It’s been awhile since we’ve met. I hope all of you had wonderful summers. Sad that those months of freedom are over, but we have to get back to reality at some point. And for those of you who had full time jobs or summer courses or any other commitment that consumed your “vacation,” I apologize. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. But you know what? This is going to be a great year! So buckle up kiddies, because the updates start now.

Coming up in the Career Development Office! We have job fairs galore…

Accounting Interview Day (AID) will take place on Sept. 23 in Indianapolis. Registration is OPEN on Raven CareerLink.

Healthcare Career Day is also coming soon! Nov. 2 in Reardon Lobby. Registration for this fair is also OPEN on RCL.

Computer Science/Tech Career Day is Nov. 9, also in Reardon Lobby. Registration is not yet open for this job fair, but you can get more information and check for open registration on RCL. It is coming!

All other upcoming job fairs are in the spring, so I’ll just save those for later. Don’t want to overload you on the first week back!

How are your classes so far? Think you can handle it all? I think you can. I believe in you! I think mine are going to be pretty good. They will definitely keep me busy, but the productive kind of busy that results in a feeling of success. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

Don’t forget that Labor Day weekend is coming up! You know what that means: all night volleyball tournament! Which prods me to give a little shout out to Beth Boys, the new CAB director and my RD. Guys, she rocks. Stop by the CAB office to meet her because she’s awesome. But don’t try to be her best friend because I’ve already filled that role. Sorry.

Also, Christine and I have a swanky new desk here in the CDC thanks to our new director, Laurie. Moving on up in the world. Stop by and see us! We would love to meet you. Just be sure to register on Raven CareerLink before coming in. Until next time, stay classy AU.


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