Well, happy Monday, kiddos.

So it’s week three here at the lovely Anderson University. How about this weather? I definitely thought it was going to continue with the cold spell right up until the snow started hurling from the sky, but no. Here we sit in lovely sunshine and a warm breeze. And as much as I loved the rain we were having, I have to admit that this bright day is a nice break from the gloomy grey of the past week.

Okay, moving away from the weather. We are at the start of Interest Week 2 for social clubs. Have you attended any events? Are you planning on Surging next week? Oh my goodness it’s next week. That’s super soon everyone! I gotta get ready. What am I gonna wear?? I’ll figure something out.

If you are planning to Surge, you have to attend one of the mandatory SGA meetings this week. Hence the word “mandatory.”

Moving right along! Career business. We have a new student assistant here in the CDC. Her name is Shari and she’s a freshman accounting major. She’s really nice and you should definitely stop by to say hello. She’ll probably laugh nervously as she says hi, because that’s what freshmen do. Am I right?! You were one once. You know.


Accounting Interview Day is in ten days! It’s not too late to register. Go to Raven CareerLink today to sign up!

Healthcare Career Day is on November 2. That registration is also open, so please go sign up. Any nursing majors? You better be there. That means you, roommates.

Technology Career Day is only one week after Healthcare. Registration for that one IS NOW OPEN.

So get crackin’ on those registrations, guys. Take advantage of the networking opportunities here at good ‘ol AU. Because we want you to succeed, and we’re doing our best to help you do just that.

And of course, as always, Résumé Workshops and Major Exploration Workshops are available. Looking for a job or internship? You’ll need a résumé. Not sure what you want to major in? We can help you figure out the best path for your desired destination.

Stop by. Make an appointment. Register on Raven CareerLink. Get in a workshop. Make a résumé. Let’s get this show on the road!

And on that note, Fall Break is only five weeks away. Let’s definitely get that countdown started now. Have a great week, friends!


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