Good Morning, Bright and Early!

Well, hello, fellow AU students. Happy Thursday morning. It’s 8:00am and still a tad dark outside. But it’s supposed to be beautiful today, according to It’s not supposed to rain until later this evening. Of course I hope it won’t rain at all and will stay dry for social clubs’ sake. Almost all activities are taking place outdoors this week. And rain or shine, we will be outside completing Surge. So please, God, keep it dry. I don’t want to get sick.

Speaking of clubs and Surge, how’s it going?? Who of you is participating this week? Are you enjoying it? Is it a positive experience? Just remember, when it gets tough you gotta just push right through it. I promise it will be worth it in the end. You’ll be so glad you finished. I know I’m exhausted already, but we’ve had such a great week so far. I’m also loving the Boosters gentlemen. Definitely one of my favorite parts every year. And I was presented with llama and beaver cutout statues today. Thanks, Colin Rudkin and Dativus!! :]

Okay. Enough about that. Business.

Today is Accounting Interview Day. So if you were planning on going and never got around to registering, you’re too late. But if you would like us to look over your résumé we would be more than willing. Please send it in. We want to help.

Healthcare Career Day and Computer Science/Technology Career Day are fast-approaching. Register for either of those on Raven CareerLink. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities!

Résumé Workshops and Major Exploration Workshops are still available! Sign up today for one of our services to get you on your path to graduate or get hired – whichever the case may be.

That’s all for today kiddos. I hope you’re all getting sleep and keeping hydrated. Just because it’s not 100 degrees outside doesn’t mean you can slack on the water. Please be safe. And have fun! Even when the officers yell at you. Just don’t let them see you cry. Wait until you get back to your dorm afterwords.

Have a wonderful day! See you around :]


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