What is sleep?

Hello, AU! Welcome to the post-Surge recoup week. Is anybody else as exhausted as I am? I mean, probably. We all worked hard and got a little crazy. But it felt much longer than a week. Maybe a couple months. My days run together. Well are you all enjoying club? I would hope so! You put in a lot of time to get there! I know I’m stoked about all the new members we had join our ranks last week. Definitely a group of quality women that I can’t wait to get to know better. So now that it’s all over, I must return to a regular schedule and remind myself what homework, sleeping and eating are. Challenge.

You know what else was last week? Accounting Interview Day. Who went? Was it successful? Did you network and get some good feet in doors? I hope so!

Next up is Healthcare Career Day. That’s not until November 2, though, so no panicking. But do be sure to sign up and show up.

Also, on October 4 (that’s next week, people!) the International Schools of China will be recruiting on campus. They will have representatives in the BOD from 9am to 3pm. They are seeking seniors and grad students for various full-time positions in their six international schools in China. For more information about this organization, visit their website.

That’s all for today, chickadees. Don’t forget to attend CAB’s Disco Dancing and Donuts this weekend. Also, my Andersonian article is front page this week. Just thought I’d throw that out there. It’s whatever. Have a good one!


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