One more week!!

Do you know what happens in one week? Fall break happens. Do you know what that means? It means we all get to sit down and breathe. Unless you have the unfortunate task of working with the football team. And then you should take this weekend to breathe because next weekend you have a game. Sorry. But the point is that I’m tired of holding  my breath and it’s already been a long semester and it’s only October. When is May gonna get here? Also, what’s with this weather?? Not complaining, just confused. This is Indiana, so shouldn’t it be getting real cold by now? Then again, this is Indiana, so anything can happen. I just don’t know how to dress for 40 degree mornings that turn into 80 degree afternoons. What do I do with that?! Cardigans. That’s what.

Ok. Ramble over. I guess I should tell you what’s coming up.

Next Thursday Mission Indy will be in the BOD from 9am to 2pm. You can find out more about them on their website.

Healthcare Career Day and Tech Career Day are coming up next month. I know I’ve mentioned them before, like every single post, but I’m gonna keep reminding you.

Résumé Workshops and Major Exploration Workshops are available throughout the week. Do you need help picking a major? Do you have a major but aren’t sure what career you want to pursue with that major? Are you getting ready to apply for a job or internship and need a résumé? Do you want to come say hi to me? All of those are legitimate things that mean you should sign up for a workshop. Except the last one. That one’s just nice. Please stop by and say hi.

I think that’s all for today. Don’t forget that the play, I Love A Piano, is showing again this weekend. Go out and support the kids! I’ll be there Sunday. Also, Shane and Shane concert. Tonight. Reardon. Go. And I was serious about stopping by to see me. It would probs make my day.

Have a great day, friends! And always remember: Each day puts us a little bit closer to Friday. Now that’s something to celebrate.


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