When did April fly by?!

Guys. It’s the end of April. That means it’s almost the end of the year. We have one more week of classes and then finals, and THAT’S IT. Summertime. Freedom. Terrifying real world for the seniors. When did this happen?! I don’t remember that much time passing. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we didn’t have a real winter. Or maybe it’s my senioritis mentality. Or maybe this semester just went really fast. But it feels like just yesterday I was a sophomore livin’ it up in the dorms. Good ol’ Morrison Hall. Regardless, May 2012 is almost upon us. I hope all of you have wonderful summer plans that you’re looking forward to and that you embrace that vacation. I think it’s gonna be a good one :]

Alright, CDC business. TCID is over – did you all get some good interviews? I know my roommate came back feeling good about the event. I hope the rest of you did as well! There’s nothing else planned for this academic year, but I will clue you in on a big event coming in the fall.

The first annual Alumni Career Fair is going to take place on Tuesday, October 2nd, in the Reardon Lobby. It will be from 5am to 8pm, and all AU students are encouraged to attend. Registration is already open, so if you know you want to be there (and you should ALL want to be there),  click here to register. This job fair provides an opportunity for students and alumni to connect with participating employers representing a wide range of industries. Gonna be a good time!

Other than that, senior send off is coming up next Friday and Spring Bash is happening this next week as well. You should probably go to both of those things. Also, graduation is on May 5 at 3pm in Kardatzke. Do you have friends graduating? Everyone can attend, so go support the seniors embarking on their next journey. We’re about to become real people! Come celebrate with us.

Oh! One other thing! Happy Friday everyone :] Have a fabulous weekend!


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